How To Find Audi Radio Serial Number From The Documents Or Device

This guide can help you find Audi radio serial number on your Audi vehicle radio device. The serial number is the most important information that describes the device the best. Every process that you need to complete if you want to make some important changes with your device, or get secondary information is connected directly with the Audi serial number.
Therefore is important for every Audi radio owner to know the device’s identity serial number combination.

How To Find Audi Radio Serial Number

There are two different methods that you can use to find the true Audi serial number by yourself.
The first one is the easiest! If you decide on this method then you need to write the original documents and books that you receive along with the Audi vehicle when you bought it.

How To Find Audi Radio Serial Number

There you will find some information about your car and your radio. In the radio section, you can get the info about your device’s serial combination. Please check it well because many of you will also find the device’s Audi radio code so this can directly help you avoid the front lock screen. If that information contains only your serial number you need to use the standard Audi radio decoding procedure from the main page on this website.

The second method includes removing the process on your Audi radio. To find the serial code you need to remove the radio from its place in your vehicle. To complete this process you must have original Audi radio removal tools that you probably get with the vehicle.

If you don’t have it then you must go to a local dealer or mechanic worker to ask for help. They will remove your Audi radio very fast and probably they will not charge you for this procedure. Once you remove the radio you will get the serial number from the backside! Get it from the and use it in the procedure described on the main page to get your unlock code!

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  1. Hey Admin,
    -Perhaps you can save my Week-end drive to cottage.Would need Radio Code for my Audi Symphony 11 : AUZ5Z4C5267355

  2. Hallo kannst du mir bitte helfen. mein Radio ist ein RNS LOW Line mit der Nummer: AUZ1Z1H8164352

    danke im vorraus !

  3. Hoi, Hoi,
    Hierbij het verzoek om de code van mijn radio toe te sturen.
    Alvast bedankt
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