How To Enter Audi Radio Code Manually Step By Step

This guide is here to help you how to enter the Audi radio code manually! Get the Audi code using our website’s calculating tool! Then you need to input the combination manually to remove the front lock screen once and for all.

Enter Audi Radio Code

We will only recommend you from the start that you need to be careful to remember the unlocking combination that you will get from our website because you will need to use it again in the future if your device stays without electrical power. The entering process that you need to perform by yourself usually goes like this:

How To Enter Audi Radio Code Manually

  • Turn on your Audi car radio device from the main power button
    Press “scan” and rds buttons together ( for Delta radio “AM” and “ARI-Z” ) simultaneously until you see “1000” flash on the display
  • Then use the first four radio station buttons from the left. Use it to change the digits. For example, if your Audi radio code digits are 8372 press the first button 8 times in a row. Then the second 3 times, third 7 times and the fourth 2 times
  • Finish the entering process by pressing the “scan” and “rds” buttons together again

Your Audi car radio will start working again without any secondary problems. We know that some Audi radio models have different entering staps. Therefore if you have some problem during the process feel free to contact us and our team will help you solve it!

Warning About To Many Wrongly Attempts

Every Audi car radio owner needs to know that you must be careful when it comes to entering the Audi code properly. So we must advise you to stop entering some random four digits combination because you can block your device permanently. Then no one can help you solve this type of problem.
You need to be careful with pressing the “scan” and “rds” buttons too. Once you press it together the first time don’t press it again together until you are sure that you enter the true Audi radio code in the display.

We also want to recommend you to share your experience with the Audi radio combination entering the process. Share it using the comment section at the bottom of this web page. This is the best way to share useful information so we can help every possible Audi radio model about the entering code problem!
Thanks for reading us, we hope that our guide will help a lot of Audi-locked radio owners!

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39 thoughts on “How To Enter Audi Radio Code Manually Step By Step

  1. Vyplnil jsem e-mail, číslo rádia a nic mi nepřišlo??? Zde je výrobní číslo AUZ2Z2F1000435 prosím o zaslání kódu k rádiu, předem děkuji.

  2. Radio does not work since I blew a fuse in cigarette lighter. I do not see locked screen. Radio “appears” to be working, but no sound. Can you help diagnose, is the amplifier broken or what is the issue causing no sound from any source.

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